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On Distant Keys

On Distant Keys is a growing collective artists, designers, writers, scientists and activists working collaboratively to generate speculative futures in the wake of climate change. This project highlights speculative modes of representation such as art, literature and theory to envision a future that is both sustainable and enlightened. Set in the year 3000, the cone of variable prediction is expansive. This not only allows for a broad spectrum of plausible scenarios, but also offers an opportunity to zoom out from our present timeline and consider a millennial perspective– from where we were a thousand years ago, to where we are headed a thousand years from now, this two thousand-year span is still a mere blink in geologic time. With a virtual twist and playful shake, On Distant Keys invites creators and thinkers from many disciplines to plant their ideas, hopes, knowledge, fears, dreams and utopian visions, as seeds for change. If you are interested in learning more about this project, please contact: